Please view this video of our new Orchard in san RAFAEL. The fruit from these trees will be served in the San Rafael school meal program! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to make this happen and to everyone who came out to build the fence and plant the trees.




Sanzuma is dedicated to increasing the availability of freshly grown foods through gardening and urban farming, improving health and reconnecting people with their environment. We strive to increase awareness of nutrition education, healthy eating at all Marin County schools Pre K-12. We achieve this through the development of community-based partnerships, which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being. We believe a person’s health should not a reflection of their economic status.

Call to Action

Please come and volunteer on our farm in San Rafael. Please email for times and days.


Local Accomplishments

  • WINNER Giving Marin 2018

  • AWARDED Certificate of Recognition California State Legislatures

  • NOMINATED Heart of Marin 2018

  • WINNER of  3 Healthier Generation’s award of America’s Healthiest Schools for Bahia Vista Elementary School, Lu Sutton Elementary School and Loma Verde Elementary School

  • WINNER of the Golden Seed Award for Sanzuma in partnership with the San Rafael City School District! (See News & Events page for more details)  

  • Sold over 3000 pounds of organic produce to the San Rafael City Schools (SRCS) and local restaurants from June 2016- August 2017.  All of the SRCS produce has all been served in the SRCS  lunchtime salad bars! 

  • Sold over 600 pounds to local San Rafael restaurants. All proceeds go to the San Pedro School Farm Program.  

  • Sold the first shipment of Hydroponic romaine lettuce to the SRCS! We continue to grow hydroponic greens for the district and local restaurants.

  • Successfully revamped the garden at Davidson Middle School, San Rafael. We also raised money to build an outdoor educational kitchen, where we teach approximately fifty students per week about organic farming, solar cooking, seed-to-table preparation, and nutrition.

  • Secured an organic garden class at Davidson School as an elective. 

  • Currently teaching our fourth year of nutrition educational cooking classes to Short Elementary. 

  • Previously taught nutrition educational cooking classes at multiple San Rafael and Novato Elementary and Middle Schools. 

  • Provided educational Service Day field trips for Marin Country Day School, Corte Madera.

  • Further garden education at the following schools: Bahia Vista, Laurel Dell, Lu Sutton, and co-teach at Venetia Valley, San Rafael and Novato schools.

  • Taught at the Student Organic Garden Association (SOGA) at UC Berkeley. 

  • Worked at and donated community garden to the Berkeley Youth Alternative Program.

  • Managed the Marin County Healthy Parks, Healthy People events for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

  • Fundraised to take Davidson Middle School students on a field trip to three different farms.

  • Taught over 900 nutrition classes to Marin County children at Title 1 schools (low-income schools) and still counting. 

  • Served 'farm-to-table' salad bars from San Pedro School garden/farm. The garden-grown food is purchased by the San Rafael City School district and served through their lunch program.


  • Donated over twenty-five solar ovens to remote village communities in Central America and Mexico.

  • Donated over 100 teaching hours in solar cooking techniques to families and villagers.  The women often suffer from lung problems because of inhaling the smoke from wood or charcoal cooking methods, as well as children being burnt. (See our Solar Cooking page).

  • Donated hundreds of pounds of clothes, school supplies, shoes, and toothbrushes to our targeted communities. 

  • Taught thirty hours of alternative energy options to an orphanage in El Salvador.

  • Promoted organic farming and gardening methods in over ten villages in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. 


Our beautiful, school-garden-grown salads for San Rafael City School District cafeterias!

Our beautiful, school-garden-grown salads for San Rafael City School District cafeterias!

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