Solar Ovens in CAlifornia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador,

Mexico and Beyond!

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Solar Cooking

     In 2012 One of Sanzuma's first goals was to educate people around the world on how to use solar ovens. These ovens can be used in a outdoor school garden kitchen, for a family, or for an entire village (Villager Sun Oven). We have designed a solar bakery model that can produce baked goods to generate income for communities, or school projects. Not only do solar ovens improve the local ecology by reducing the need to burn charcoal and/or wood, they also reduce the negative health effects of smoke inhalation from cooking over an open fire. Our solar oven donations and education are an essential step toward a more nourished global community and a more sustainable world.More locally, at San Rafael's Davidson Middle School the students have enjoyed using the solar over to bake cookies and cook our gardens' yummy vegetables, while learning the environmental benefits of solar ovens. Similarly, the students make milkshakes at the garden on the bicycle-powered blender, learning the lessons of empowerment and resiliency!